Born:            1972
Height:         187 cm (6'2")
Weight:         86 kg
Hair colour:  Dark Blonde
Eye colour:   Hazel / Brown

Languages/fluent: Danish (native), English, German
Languages/knowledge: Swedish

Dialects: Standard Danish, Bornholmian, Jutlandic, Southern Danish (Sønderjysk), Copenhagen, Aarhus 

Singing: Tenor / Baritone

Military Skills (Weapons, Battle Drills, hand-to-hand-combat, etc.), Fencing, Parachuting, Swimming, Sea Kayak, Cross Country Skiing, Classic Pentathlon (Long jump, Javelin, Discus, 200m, 1500m), Long Distance Running, Bothmer Gymnastics, Tai Chi, Dubbing, Drivers License (motorcycle, car, truck, bus)
Additional Skills: 
Translator, Director, Playwright, Screenwriter, Dramaturg, Instructor in Primitive Survival, Firearm/Knife Disarmament, Communication og Stress Management with the Danish Defence.

Member of the Danish Actors Association (DSF), Danish Playwrights Association (DDF), The Association of Danish Dramaturgs (FDD) og The Danish Film Academy (DFA).



2001-19  Artistic Director & Producer, Von Baden Theatre Company, Aarhus/Copenhagen

1998-07  Dramaturgy, University of Aarhus (cand.mag. / Master of Art)

2003-07  Super8 Film School, Aarhus (Director)

2006  Film Acting II - Course with Lene Beyer, Danish National School of Theatre Postgraduate Program

2006  Dubbing Course with Chresten Speggers Simonsen at Camp David, Danish National School of Theatre Postgraduate Program

2002  Film Seminar at The European Film College, Ebeltoft, Danish Actors Association 

2001  Film Seminar with Lene Beyer, Danish Actors Association

1997  Michael Chekhov International Workshop (MCIW-97) & Moscow Art Theatres (MXAT) 100th Founding Anniversary Seminar, Moscow

1994-97  Michael Chekov Studio - Theatre School, Aarhus, Denmark


2007-19  Hostage Survival Specialist & Instructor, Conduct After Capture Section / Danish Intelligence Regiment 

2019 - Senior Consultant, Guardian SRM (Training Division)

2005  2IC/TSE/BALTSQN 12 (Second-in-command,  Training & Support Element, Baltic Squadron, Team 12), Full Time Service with the Prince Life Regiment / Jutland Dragoon Regiment, Skive

2004-05  2IC/TSE/BALTSQN 11 (Second-in-command,  Training & Support Element, Baltic Squadron, Team 11), Full Time Service with the Prince Life Regiment, Skive

2001-02  OF-2 Training Course (VUT-I), Reserve Officer/ Captain, Prince Life Regiment, Skive

1993-94  Silkeborg Folk High School

1991-93  Army Reserve Officer (Lieutenant), Served with the Danish Marine Regiment, Bornholm Guards (Platoon Commander, Motorized Light Infantry)

1988-91  Baccalaureate in elementary mathematics, Aabenraa Gymnasium & HF,